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If you are a transport company or a truck owner, we present to you a collaborative platform TESGO which makes the direct connection online, with thousands of potential customers.

Tesgo is a tool that helps you plan profitable routes. You will find contracts on your route to supplement your free space by avoiding the displacement and return empty.

Join now and be part of the Tesgo family, together WE are a force.


The most efficient route is both the most cost effective and the most environmentally friendly. Match your starting point and destination with your customer's needs and maximize the value of every trip.


Find the type of contract that interests you and submit your best price. You have access to all the information you need to get in touch with your new customer.


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Not all of the trucks on our roads are at full capacity. By finding a way to use them to their full potential, we maximize the profitability of their routes while reducing their number on our roads. Tesgo is the web platform that allows you to find a professional transporter in real time and fill their cargo space for a fraction of the cost of a regular trip.

Our goal is to create a smart movement within the transportation world that would reduce the monetary and environmental costs associated with sub-optimal journeys. For the carrier, this means an inexhaustible resource of new customers and a way to generate more income with the same journey. For the shipper, Tesgo is the place to find cheapest transport.

What we are creating is a perfectly balanced deal between the needs of the shipper and the carrier, while reducing the industry's greenhouse gas production.

Moves - Offices, apartments, houses

Household items - Furniture, household appliances
Freight – Commercial, industrial
Materials - Heavy materials, construction
Vehicles - Cars, Boats, RVs
This is the percentage of transport trucks on our roads that are moving below their full capacity. Maximize the free space of your trucks using our exchange platform. With Tesgo, you will have access to a clientele varied, all over Quebec. Find new business opportunities in real time and make your itinerary a new way to make your trips profitable.

An ecological and economical solution

Knowing that transportation is a sector of activity that produces large quantities of greenhouse gases (GHGs), reducing the number of trucks on our roads is an eco-responsible gesture. By taking advantage of the space available on trucks, you avoid having to drive your trucks without a full load. This approach to optimizing truck fleets significantly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is good for the environment.

Tesgo Inc. means the chance for carriers to secure more contracts, lower their operating costs and make their fleets more profitable. Significant savings and income knowing that the profit margin of a transport company can be quickly eroded by various uncontrollable factors, including the cost of gasoline.

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