transport professionnel et profitant

transport professionnel et profitant


Request affordable professional transportation by taking advantage of the extra space on board of the trucks. Sign up for free to save money and the environment at the same time.
Tesgo is a platform where green minded shippers and carriers can meet.
Tesgo to create a new economy of sharing who integrates in a legal way in the world of the transport of goods by truck. We want, to create an intelligent movement within the world of transport.
Are you an individual or a company? Are you looking for a carrier or are you a carrier that offers transportation services? Tesgo offers you the solution for:
- Moving
- Delivery of household items
- Freight transport
- Transport of building materials
- Parcel delivery
- Vehicle transport
- Others

Tesgo positions itself as an intermediary between the needs of a customer who is looking for a transporter.
A collaborative platform that connects online, in real time people who need a carrier and transport companies.

According to statistics from the Quebec Ministry of Transport, among the 291,200 weekly intercity trips identified, 36.6% are made without goods on board.

So among the 40,000 daily trips, 15,000 are empty.

Tesgo is not just an auction platform to find a cheaper carrier, we also offer software to help you find a carrier that has already planned a journey in the direction you need to transport your goods and which has free space in his truck.

Thanks to this method of grouping customers, the transporter is able to offer you an unbeatable price with quality service.
• 0 registration fees
• 0 fees for publishing a contract offer
• 0 fees for selecting a transporter

After the completion of the contract you will pay the carrier directly (outside the platform)
• 0 registration fees
• 0 fees for submitting a price
• Registration (1 min.)
• Create a transport request (5 min.)
• Receive quotes (a few minutes after creating a transport request)
• Analyze the quotes of the carriers (you have access to the profile page of the carrier to be able to analyze its history and its professional activities, the number of contracts executed, the comments of its previous customers, etc.)
• Choose your carrier (discuss the method of payment with the carrier and make the payment for transport services outside the platform)
• Mark the contract as completed, rate and comment on the carriers' services
• Registration (1 min.)
• Analyze the transport requests that interest you
• Submit (use internal messaging to accompany your price offer with a personal message)
• Confirm the acceptance of the contract (payment of $ 10 CAD)
• Have access to the sender's information
Ecologically necessary, sharing economy allows the use of the excess capacity of the trucks with the aim of avoiding the lost motion.

A perfect formula for saving time, money and decrease the production of C02.

Our priority is to help our customers find the most effective solution by reducing cost and time.
Tesgo cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or delay in delivery.

Tesgo is positioned as an intermediary between supply and demand.

We encourage you to resolve any issues amicably.
The method of grouping customers has an essential impact on the cost of transport up to 50% savings and on CO2 production
With Tesgo you have the possibility of making a transport request in "urgent" mode

for example:
if you need to transport goods today no need to call 10 to 20 carriers to find one available. Tesgo offers you the smart solution, by publishing a transport request in "urgent" mode, you are more likely to find a carrier, among our transport partners, who has already planned a trip in the direction you need.