Eco-responsible transport

Pourquoi choisir des produits écologiques? La tendance à la protection de l’environnement a gagné en importance à l’échelle mondiale. Au niveau local, les entreprises se préoccupent de plus en plus de produire des biens respectueux de l’environnement, c’est-à-dire qui soient fabriqués avec des matières premières et selon des pratiques qui nécessitent moins de ressources naturelles. […]

Why choose ecological products?

The trend to protect the environment has grown in importance worldwide. At the local level, businesses are more and more concerned with producing goods that respect the environment, that are made with raw materials and according to practices that require fewer natural resources. When creating these goods, their final destination is also taken into account and priority is given to their reuse, recycling and rapid degradation.
Green products promote an eco-friendly lifestyle because they help conserve energy and prevent air and water contamination, as well as noise pollution. When the time comes to export these products, packaging materials are also used which are also eco-responsible, thanks to the regulations imposed by importing countries, or to the concerns of exporting countries. 

An eco-friendly lifestyle

In recent years, various recycling and environmental protection campaigns have been adopted around the world. However, just because we are sympathetic to their cause doesn't mean that we have an eco-friendly lifestyle.
To be eco-responsible, you have to change your lifestyle as a whole. You can start by buying only what you need. Try to eat organic food, use organic cosmetics and buy cleaning and hygiene products that do as little harm to the planet as possible. Say no to unnecessary packaging. Look for products that you can reuse. When buying clothes, make sure that the materials used are natural, such as cotton or wool for example, and avoid synthetic materials. Your economy will improve and you will do a great service to the planet.
Another way to help the environment is to make local purchases, since local consumption means less transport of goods, and therefore less pollution.

The transport of eco-responsible goods

As part of their commitment to environmental and climate change management, companies have also started to opt for more environmentally friendly logistics practices. These are part of what is now called "green logistics", which includes planning and management of transportation, warehousing, inventory management, material handling, information, and cash flows. 
 One of the most important aspects for businesses is the transportation of their eco-friendly products, because the last thing they want is for them to be contaminated with chemicals, causing them to lose their main characteristic. This is why the transport of eco-responsible goods should be entrusted to experts. The main consideration during transport is to ensure that organic products are not contaminated with any other product. In addition, trucks must follow certain cleaning, disinfection, decontamination and pest control protocols.
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