Intelligently plan your
freight transport
by truck



Are you no doubt familiar with the principle of carpooling? With Tesgo the principle is the same, but this time for your good materials. We provide you with a collaborative optimization platform based on the sharing economy to improve the planning process and the search for a carrier. For the transport or delivery of your goods.

Our mission is to offer you a completely free process of connecting in a fast, efficient and secure way.

Thanks to the optimization algorithm we put you in direct contact with carriers who match your transport needs and who have already planned a trip on the same route.



Give all the details of your transport request


The available transport companies will give you their best price. Choose from the offers received and conclude a fast agreement, without intermediary.

Have it delivered

The free space on professional transport units gives you the benefit of service at the lowest price in the industry, in an environmentally friendly and economical manner. 


Your delivery has arrived! So make your level of satisfaction known by rating your carrier. This will help us identify the most efficient and customer-conscious carriers.

• Relocation - Offices, apartments, houses
• Vehicles - Cars, boats, RVs
• Freight - Commercial, industrial
• Heavy materials - Heavy materials, construction
• Household items - Furniture, household appliances
• Parcel
• Special deliveries, other


Using geolocation technologies, Tesgo leverages real-time information to better optimize resources and simplify the connection between carriers and their customers.
Tesgo vous propose un service rapide, fiable et facile à utiliser.

• Tesgo's main objective is to enable individuals to find, as quickly as possible, a transport supplier at lower costs, and for the transporter to increase their contracts, optimize the cargo space of their truck and make the trip profitable.

• In addition, by using this method of grouping customers, several benefits are generated, including the reduction in the number of trucks in circulation, the decongestion of roads and the reduction of GHG emissions.

These "empty" kilometers result in a loss of money for the industry, a loss of time for the drivers in a context of scarcity of manpower and additional environmental pollution.
Why are you paying more if you have the best solution for a service at a fair price?
Jusqu’à 50 % d’économie sur votre coût de transport.

What we want is to be forerunners. Allow customers and carriers to meet in a common virtual environment. We want to give customers another option when it comes to finding a carrier. We want this new sharing economy to legally integrate into the world of freight transport by truck. We kind of want to create a smart movement within the transportation world.

Here's a great example of how much money you can save on a cheap move to Toronto.
Calling multiple moving companies (7 in total), the lowest price offer our client received for moving a 3 ½ from Montreal to Toronto was C $ 1,700.
By posting a transportation request on our platform he found a Montreal mover who had already planned a trip to Toronto for the same day and who had space to carry out our client's move.

As a result, the mover performed the service for an unbeatable price of CA $ 1000 while reducing its cost of transportation. Finally, the client was able to have an economical (42% cheaper than a regular trip) and eco-responsible moving service.

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