Our main goal at Tesgo is to help individuals find rapidly a lower cost transporter and to help transporters enhance their contracts in addition to optimize their travels with fully loaded shipments.

Many advantages are created thanks to this sharing platform. We can reduce truck traffic on the roads and therefore help decrease congestion and greenhouse emission. The features or our platform are planned in a way that customers can easily plan a request or make an urgent request when needed.


Tesgo is a sharing truck transportation platform. This type of sharing goods transportation is environmentally friendly, in addition to enable the trucks loading capacity to avoid idle travels. This is the perfect recipe to save time and money and at the same time reduce CO2 emission. A smart way for trucking SMEs.

Just an example:

A small Montreal business needs to ship urgently a big parcel to
Quebec City the same night. What is the solution? Get in touch with 10 or 20 different transporters to finally eventually find one of them that perhaps can fill in the request? What will be its fare? With Tesgo, it’s very easy! The same Montreal business just has to sent a request on our platform so all the shipping parcels transporters can see this urgent request and upon their availability submit on this contract. One out of hundreds of transporters on our platform will certainly be able to fulfill the request.




Save up to 50% on your transportation fees. At Tesgo, we want to be pioneers in helping customers and transporters to meet up within an online sharing environment. We wish to provide new opportunities for the clients who are looking for a transporter. We also wish that sharing economy to fit the legal rules in the world of trucking. Somehow, we wish to create a smart operating trend within the world of transportation.

Here is another example of efficient savings for a relocation from Montreal to Toronto:

While calling many moving companies (a total of 7), the lowest rate for the relocation of a 3 ½ size apartment from Montreal to Toronto was 1700 CDN$. By making a request on our sharing platform, the same client found a Montreal moving company with free room that had already planned a trip to Toronto the same day. Therefore, the moving company fulfilled the client’s request for an incredible low price of 1000 CDN$ and reduced his transportation cost at the same time. As a result, the client got an eco-friendly transportation moving service for (40% cheaper than a regular travel).

The empty loaded travels are a real money loss for the trucking industry. It’s a time loss for the truck drivers in a time of shortage of qualified workforce and an increase of greenhouse gas emission.

Why to pay more for a fair price service when you have the best solution? Tesgo is a win-win solution for all.